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Aspire originated from members of other working bands and have plenty of experience in performing within the music industry, with more than 100 live performances under our collective belt. We are a five-piece indie/rock band that have been playing together for over 5 years. Our gigging history has included gigs at several universities, with one being the support slot at Worcester to the dumdums, the biggest band that we have played with to date. We have been booked to go back to Worcester as the headline band in October by popular request! Other venues include local gigs in Plymouth, Honiton, Exmouth, Exeter, Taunton, Tiverton, soon to be Bristol and many other smaller towns. We have recently been on a tour to Iceland and New York, two days in Iceland and five in New York where we played several small gigs (including one in Harlem) and managed get more bookings for later this year. Carlton TV came to Iceland with us and did a 3 minute documentary about the music scene over there and they filmed us playing live which went out on TV about a month ago. Channel 5 also came along and filmed the whole trip. This footage is to be used in a three part documentary about bands trying to make it from outside of the big cities. This is due to go out late at night this year; we will let you know when as soon as we find out. Two of us have been to the Academy Of Contemporary Music College in Guildford to study guitar and music production. We both passed our courses well, but more importantly we managed to make some good musical connections. The Head teacher is Bruce Dickinson, the guitarist from 80s rock band The Little Angels who had a number 1 selling album and he has been a great help with our band. We have played a couple of gigs in Guildford and have built up a small fan base up there. We feel confident that most people of a wide age range will be into our music and we are currently looking to gig all over the country to increase our fan base.
There is a definite feel of us being a newer and unfortunately a slightly cleaner version of the Rolling Stones, with two very capable guitarists a lively frontman, Bill Wyman style bass player (not because he likes young girls!) but with Keith Moon on drums!
We are a Devon based band and are looking to get our name recognised in as many places as possible.


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