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The Aspire Website was set up to help promote the band and gain a larger fanbase across the uk.
We have achieved this but on a larger scale than first imagined. This has resulted in us being able to set up a much bigger website and more professionally.
We have also decided to change the band name to represent us and our music better as we have decided to concentrate only on our original material. We are in the middle of recording an EP which will be promoted with a 3 month tour starting in April. We are now called 'SWEET BLACK ANGELS'; the name came as a result of discovering an old Rolling Stones song and we felt it described us well, working from the concept of the Jekyll and Hyde theory but in a more weird and drunken way!
You will be able to check us out soon at at present it is still under construction.
We will be keeping the ASPIRE website just for our trips to France and to remember the history of the band.
So enjoy the site and hope to see you soon at our new site, keep a look out for the opening date, bye for now!!

'ASPIRE' are a 5 piece indie/rock band from Devon that have been playing together since 1997. A good set of original material has develpoped and the band are slowly getting their name and music recognised in the UK and several other countries. The website has been set up to give easier access for people to follow the bands progress and to help start up a small fanbase. There are several sections for you to visit and enjoy, the site is being continually improved upon, so be sure to visit again. Please leave your thoughts and comments in the guestbook!


What To Look Out For
As time goes by there will be alot more things happening for Aspire, this section will give the main headings of what to look out for and where on the website you will find it. If the heading grabs you like an octopus in the sea(?) then please feel free to go to its location and observe to your hearts content!

So far we have the following items to check out:

1. Contact Page - Join the aspire email mailing list for monthly updates on the band.

2. Photo Page - Press and gig photos of the band.

3. What's New Page - Hear a sample of one of Aspire's first ever tracks!

4. What's New Page - Get your horoscopes read here.

5. Gig Guide - Gig listings for 2002

6. And ofcourse you must leave a comment on our guestbook!

This gig in May 2001 was a big stepping stone for Aspire. It was a support slot at Worcester University supporting the Dum Dums. It was another professional and energetic performance from the band and led to them landing a return headline gig at Worcester Uni in October. Also, the Dum Dums tour manager was impressed by the set and booked the band for a week of touring at Nice in France!
Check the photo page for more pictures of the lads performing and other goings on!

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